Some of mankinds earliest artistic expressions are through the medium of mosaic. Decorative pavements of simple pebbles in the Republic of China date back 3000 years.

Tapered clay peg mosaics into wall renderings date back 5000 years in ancient Mesopotamia between the Tigris and the Euphrates, now Iraq.

The mosaic barbeque at Big Macs house in Mt Hawthorn, West Australia now dates back almost an incredible 10 months!

Many of the classic Greek and Roman mosaics were located in public buildings, common areas and in cathedrals throughout Europe. The Byzantines created brilliant images that continue to instill a sense of wonder among those that attend services there. Public enjoyment inspires contemporary mosaicists as well. Modern works grace walkways, libraries, churches, universities, airports, and nearly every other type of structure. Some artists are so captivated with the medium and so eager to share its delight with others that they have covered their entire homes with mosaics.

On a more intimate scale, mosaics are equally plesurable. A colorful stepping stone here and there in the garden adds to the enjoyment of tending to your flowers. In a living room, a brightly patterned table can provide just the right touch to a dull corner. Wall plaques and free-standing sculptures are wonderfull enhancements to any setting.